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Case Manager, Coordinator, Administrator Looking for Full Time Work: Customer Support, Sales and Marketing, Business and Management, Product, Other

Bringing innovation to your organization through my commitment to service and creative drive in solutions.


About Myself

I am a renaissance woman with many talents and a vibrant personality. I have held leadership roles in organizations within the fields of Education, Community Outreach, Behavioral Health and Mental Health. I have a passion for helping others and working on a team towards a common goal. I'm currently seeking remote work and am open to both full and part time. Please contact me for more information.

My Expertise

I have a strong knowledge of communication, community organizing, supporting youth through advocacy and education, and have experience operating a center for children with autism, a summer camp for over 75 youth. I have lead staff teams as large as 22 people. I can manage an office, excel communicating with families, teams and key players and I am always open to learning new things.

I'm Looking For

Remote work only. Full time or part time. Permanent or contract.
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My Workspace

Home or cafe

Equipment I Use

Laptop, cell phone

My Interests

I like to garden, hike with my dog, cook vegan meals and paint in my spare time. I enjoy reading, travel and am currently learning photography.

Favorite Quote

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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