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Businesses should Reduce social contact by serving one client cohort per day

As non essential businesses open up after the first wave of epidemic, they should adopt customer binning.

Use separate browser instances for work and personal when working from home

Learn how to use separate browser instances for work and personal when working from home

The COVID-19 crisis as a result of decades-long stagnation in science

It's 2020 and we have a viral infection which is "like the flu" but can't be stopped by our technology. We need to start the discussion about the day after.

Why Twitter wins

... because people stopped arguing in good faith. There is no social network where people care about something other than winning  points. It would be nice if reddit or hacker news published downvote statistics because, as a bot, i have evidenced shows that downvoting has increased in the 15 years they've been running. Something happened in the past 5 years and criticism is no longer allowed online. Or ratherm any criticism is viewed ideologically, and immediately shut off. A long time ago, criticism, even harsh one, was an opportunity to reflect on someone's choices and...

We got more than 140 characters

we didn't get flying cars ... instead we got remote work.

Google Needs Competition in Advertising

Google's business is advertising, not search. That's where their monopoly lies and that's where competition is needed.

Rtlabs Define you is Django worth learning?

Do you want to change your profile? Want to do something interesting? Why not join Django training program in Jaipur. Before Learn Django you have to know about python platform because the entire Django program is a free and open source web application framework written in Python. It primary goal is to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites. It works with most major databases and allows using a database that is more suitable in a particular project or even multiple databases at the same time. So, if you wish learn Django then Join Django Course in Jaipur, at RT labs. There are ...

Should App Developers Keep Paying the Apple Tax?

The recent move by Tinder to bypass Google Play has sparked a debate about whether the gated gardens of App Stores are worth the hefty 30% cut they impose on developers. Apple's App Store and  Google's Play Store  rack tens of billions of profits annually, by collecting rent from Other People's Apps.

What do people appreciate most about Remote Work?

We found 25 Reasons why people appreciate remote work. Some of them are surprising. What do you appreciate most?


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