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Native Russian/Ukrainian English/German Translator

Looking for Full Time Work: Copywriting

35+ Expertise Professional Translator, English / German Teacher


1997 - 2002 Cyprus, Larnaka: L&G Offshore, Local Company: Travel / Employment/Real Estate Agency
Director, co-founder
1995 - 1998 Diocesan Administration of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Certified Translator/Interpreter, Authorized Representative
1993 - 2013 Kharkiv, LIBERTY Ukrainian-Lithuanian-Gibraltar Joint Venture, GLOBAL UKRAINE Business Association: Within JSC „Concern AVEC a
Translator/Interpreter, Authorized Representative:
Permanent and remote work


1997 - 1997 IMPEX Business School, Poland
Course / Seminars
Business Fundamentals and Business Management, Integrated Interior Design
1982 - 1991 English/German Teacher, Translator
Foreign Languages Faculty:
Specialization: Certified Philologist, German and English Teacher
Main Course: Roman – German Philology, German Language and Literature
Specific Fields of Study: English and French Languages and Literature;
Structural and Applied Linguistics;
Theory and Practice of Translations.

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Translation German Russian Ukrainian

About Myself

Life long dedication to delivering professional translation services, tutoring, teaching English/German, proofreading, editing. Work in 36 countries. Ukrainian residence.

My Expertise

35+ Years’ of expertise in Professional Translations, English Teaching and Tutoring, Proofreading, Editing and Writing

I'm Looking For

Remote work as Native Russian/Ukrainian - English/German Professional Translator

My Interests

Being lifelong enthusiastic and passionate about studying foreign languages, travelling all’ round the Globe, learning national cultures, customs, traditions and mentalities, dedicated to performing professional translations
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