Disrupt Consulting eG: Senior Software Engineer (Elixir / Phoenix)

Headquarters: Ulm, Germany
URL: https://disrupt.team

What you will do?
  • Be part of a small and highly productive team.
  • Add your spin on the analysis, ideation, and design of complex problems.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and other teams.
  • Craft solutions on the main stack (elixir / phoenix / liveview).
  • Optimize for scale and reliability.
  • Utilize unit and integration testing for convergent quality.

Why is it cool to work with us?
  • We are a fantasic blend of management consultants, engineers, designers and coaches.
  • We are remote by default.
  • We repect your personal schedule and preferences.
  • Our clients are the most demanding companies - the small and medium sized (sometimes) hidden champions.
  • We collaborate and co-work on eye-level only.

  • Mid level engineer with experience in Elixir, Phoenix and Liveview.
  • Javascript (where needed ?)
  • Well organized, ready for remote work, and highly self-motivated.
  • Reliable. Accountable. Dependable. 
  • Solid communication skills.
  • Functional programming DNA
  • You think you are covering more? Let us know!

To apply: remotely@disrupt.team


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