Specula: Sr. Full-Stack Developer (Node, Vue, Java, Python, Elastic) - Fully Remote Startup

Headquarters: Israel
URL: https://specula.io

Join Specula as our first Sr. FullStack #RemoteDeveloper, be part of building a great team & product!
We are a self-funded startup (towards round-A), developing the next-gen of IT Monitoring with 10+ enterprises already using our MVP. 

We’re growing and looking for top-global talent to join our team, just like you!!

Our environment consists of Node.js, Vue.js, Python, and Java. As our first Sr. full-stack developer we need you to be great at everything :) but the backend is where we need you to excel most... 

We are looking for someone who's super excited about joining an environment of a fast-paced remote startup.
To be a great remote-developer, you need to be able to act in an autonomous way with full ownership over your deliverables and master async-communication.

Being a small team, we all wear many hats, this is a great opportunity to grow and play a significant role.

The role:
So much to do... Design and maintenance of our product built with Node and Vue, developing backend services and UI components. Integrate different storages such as Mysql and Elasticsearch, create queries and integrations. Developing new backend components using Node, Python and Java.
The application has lots of visual components, interactive charts, and graphs. You will develop them further to get our customers excited :)
Skills :
Strong JS/TS (Node & Vue/React) 
Additional programing language : Python & Java
Elasticsearch – ingest data to the cluster, create index, query data from cluster, working with Filebeat and Logstash
Enablement: Well defined APIs for integration points with core app, clear style guides for code, design, and testing.  Well defined backend APIsEnablement: Well defined APIs for integration points with core app, clear style guides for code, design and testing, well defined backend APIs
5+ years of experience as a backend developer, 2+ years of experience as a frontend one
Experience working with and developing code for large distributed systems
Experience with the rendering of complex data using modern visualization libraries (eg. D3, Chart.js, Apexcharts)
Passionate about software and technology

The salary for this position is $55,000 annually.

Apply now!
All it takes to apply is answering a short skills test that assesses your expertise. Please note that only candidates who take the test will be considered.

To apply: https://apply.hundred5.com/OOLD78KZLJJ2ZZ7B28


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