| Senior Full Stack JS Developer

At and, we are building solutions that enable law firms and other power courthouse website users to become more efficient by automating daily tasks. We’re based in Los Angeles but have a remote team worldwide (Canada, Europe, Armenia to name a few).

We’re looking for a senior full stack JS developer with AWS Amplify, React.js and React Native experience, to help us advance our mission by building new front-end client experiences for web and mobile.

Current Stack: AWS Amplify, React + Redux, Lambda (Node), Postgres, ElasticSearch

Testimonial from a team member: “Long story, but I worked there for maybe 6ish months part time a while back. They offered me full time, but I ended up going to a startup because I wanted to learn some specific technologies + up my skills in Data Science. That job was definitely good for some people, but it wasn’t as remote as they advertised it (had me fly in alot), and the team was somewhat difficult to work with ;) I ended up starting my own consulting and at the same time CourtDrive reached back out to me (perfect timing). Point I was trying to make was that I went back to work with them because they were so nice to work with. Not super demanding and very open to listening to ideas/suggestions - just a pleasant environment.”

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