Front-end Developer ( is a CMS for websites built with tools like Gatsby, Jekyll, and Hugo (static site generators or the "JAMstack"). We feel the web is one of humanity's most important achievements and we're on a mission to help people build a better web. Also seeking:

• Senior Ruby/RoR Software Engineer - A senior engineer to help design, build, and maintain our Ruby backend. This is a technical role that will include some leadership tasks like mentorship, code-reviews, etc.
• Intermediate Software Engineer - An experienced engineer to work between our Ruby backend and React frontend
• Front-end Developer - Dedicated to building the world's best (Markdown) WYSIWYG experience using ProseMirror.
• JAMstack Developer Advocate - Someone who loves static sites and the JAMstack who wants to engage with the community and teach people just want you can do with modern front-end tools (writing tutorials & blog posts, creating open-source projects, announcing new features, discussing with the community).
All positions are open to remote.



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