What do people appreciate most about Remote Work?

Last week, an interesting discussion came up on my twitter feed.

@Hnshah asked  people: "What do you appreciate the most about remote work?"

I found the answers exteremely interesting, and some of them surprising. Most seem to be common between all of us remote workers, but some of them I had never thought about (perhaps because i m so used to it, after 10 years of working mostly away from office).

Most remote workers appreciate the freedom to do things at their own pace. Put very nicely:

@snsmth: Freedom of time and space. Pretty simple but it’s an immense luxury. The work still gets done but you don’t feel trapped by it.

@Jose_GD: nobody looking over my shoulder to find out whether I'm working or not

@sariazout Choosing my hours so I'm always operating at peak productivity.

@tsunamino Not commuting, managing introvert energy levels, having the flexibility to go to doctors visits, vet visits, take care of the car without feeling guilty, over-communicating and being really nice in person!



The lack of commute is a major factor. Most people seem to appreciate it immensely.

@lukebussey Not commuting to an office so I can Slack the person sitting next to me wearing headphones.

@Mataway:  Lack of commute; it's 3 hours a day I get back to spend with my family

@ccarnicle: No commute time, easier to handle personal errands. I’ll never go grocery shopping on Sunday again...



It's a matter of principle:

@harmonylion1: It’s philosophically satisfying. You get paid for your contributions, not for being at a certain location from 9-5 and other absurdities.



Parents were very appreciative of the extra time they had to spend with their family, a huge benefit of remote work:

@ericclemmons Remote doesn't rob my kids of daddy.

@TravisFischer 2) Lunch/breaks with my kids (especially while young) -> Emphasis on what's most important in life



Business reasons abound. Remote work enables companies to hire the best from all over the world:

@andreasklinger: International careers for international talent

@sarah_edo - Working with people from different countries and backgrounds

@MJB_SF 1. No unnecessary meetings/chatter

@mhuckabee1: Not being pulled into pointless office politics! I can spend time doing productive work instead of hearing gossip, rumor, and innuendo.



Some  things that i had not thought about. And frankly they are all positives:

@cmartinjr Be able to clean my apartment, grocery shop, etc while it is still light outside

@datamux Unlimited toilet breaks

@prakharshivam: Non-linearity

@Suganthanmn: No need to shave

@sspreng Listening to whatever music I want out loud

@MelissaHui Temperature control.

@sspreng Not having to endure a freezing office

@jacobkostecki  Awesome recession hedge as when one market (geo) goes cold/down there is the whole world to earn from.


It's also good for the environment:

@smulpuru  I also feel like I leave less of a carbon footprint by not commuting or idling in traffic.

and for your health:

@d_feldman I have time to exercise most days now! I was never able to manage that while working in an office 9-6.



In a nutshell, the revolutionary thing about remote work is this:

@TheColonial Having work fit in around life, not the other way around.


So, remote workers. What do YOU appreciate about remote work ? 


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