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Google Needs Competition in Advertising

Google's business is advertising, not search. That's where their monopoly lies and that's where competition is needed.

Rtlabs Define you is Django worth learning?

Do you want to change your profile? Want to do something interesting? Why not join Django training program in Jaipur. Before Learn Django you have to know about python platform because the entire Djan...

^ title

blatant spam: I work there. Hit me up if you have questions about the mobile app or want to discuss crypto for whatever reason.

Just starting to learn how to write automated Mobile Tests. Hit me up if you want to learn together.

Should App Developers Keep Paying the Apple Tax?

The recent move by Tinder to bypass Google Play has sparked a debate about whether the gated gardens of App Stores are worth the hefty 30% cut they impose on developers. Apple's App Store and  Google'...


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