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We are seeking an experienced, high level customer success champion to service our European, Asian and Australian customers of our highly successful SaaS utility. This isn't your typical "customer service" position! You'll be joining a small, tight-knit, and highly committed team that's passionate about helping customers to reach their business goals using our product. Most of this will be done using intercom and salesmachine for communication and zoom to provide screen sharing demos.


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AgencyAnalytics: Frontend Developer

We are a fully remote company based in Canada with a small development team. Our very successful saas application is now 10 years old and has always used the latest technology and UI practices. We believe in making a good quality product without worry about deadlines. All our developers are given a tremendous amount of trust and the full control to take a project from start to finish.We are look...

AgencyAnalytics: Backend Developer

We’re seeking an experienced PHP developer to work with our highly successful SaaS platform. We have a small development team so you will be responsible for completing a project from start to finish. This will allow you to easily see your contributions and how our users respond to them. Our backend is written in PHP using the Phalcon framework. We focus on creating quality code using the latest ...

AgencyAnalytics: Content Marketing Manager

Our growing company is in need of an experienced and ambitious content marketing manager to help develop and improve our marketing efforts. You will play a key role in copywriting and editing all content that comes through the door. The ideal candidate should have excellent writing skills and have some experience in the digital marketing field. This is an exciting position as you will be working...

AgencyAnalytics: Senior Web Designer

We are seeking a passionate web designer to manage our website. This includes not only designing mockups for new pages, but also implementing the HTML / CSS. You must be able to work independently to transform an existing or new page into a pleasure user experience. You will be expected to transform specs / content from our marketing team and implement a visually appealing rendition that can be ...

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